Sunday, June 18, 2017

Once Upon A Convention

About a week ago I was able to have an amazing experience which came in the form of a three day convention. More specifically the "Once Upon A Time" convention in Chicago. Not only did I finally get to meet some of the actors that I look up to from one of my favorite t.v. shows but I made a lot of new and interesting friends as well! This convention was truly put together with the fans in mind. Creation Entertainment started in 1971 by two sci-fi fans so you know that anyone affiliated with this company totally gets where we, the fans, are coming from. Every day of this con was scheduled to the minute with autographs, photo-ops, panels and so many other fun activities. But the scheduling was not so strict that show activities suffered at all. A great time was had at the karaoke party and the Once Upon A Concert that ended the first two nights of the convention. At the karaoke party fans were actually able to sing side by side with Michael Coleman, Gil McKinney and many more. The energy was kept high at the concert where we got to enjoy the musical stylings of artists including but not limited to Karen David, Beverly Elliot and Lee Arenberg. Samurai Fish, the house band for the weekend, also did a great job of entertaining the crowd between events. I personally really enjoyed their brand of music.

Celebrities were extremely gracious, taking a good amount of time with each fan who went up for autographs and photo-ops. In fact Lana Parilla rescheduled her flight to New York so she wouldn't disappoint any of her fans who waited in line for her autograph. That's something that I have never seen a celebrity do at any show I have been to. From what I observed, the Creation Entertainment staff was very accommodating, as they went out of there way to make sure fans were happy.

If you are a true fan of the "Once Upon A Time" show and have never been to this convention, this is definitely an event you should try to attend.

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