Monday, November 14, 2016

I Triple Dog Dare Ya...

This is the line in that fameous scene of "A Christmas Story". You know, the one where Scott Schwartz, aka Flick, gets his tongue stuck to that pole. Being that this movie is part of some of my favorite Christmas memories, I was beyond excited to have the pleasure of meeting Scott Schwartz and his dog Miss Elizabeth this past weekend. They both were extremely pleasant, and Scott really took the time to talk with each fan individually. We had a great time recalling memories of fun scenes from "A Christmas Story". I caught up with him at RewindCon Chicago, but for my readers in Dallas, TX, he told me that he will be appearing at that RewindCon next. You can purchase your tickets for the Con here:

 Not only was Scott in "A Christmas Story" he was also in "The Toy", "Kidco", and "Raiders Of The Living Dead". Scotts newest endeavor is a web show that airs on Vimeo called "Flashback Fridays". He is the host of this show where he interviews some of your favorite celebrities of the 80's and 90's. If you have been feeling nostalgic then this is the show for you. Check it out here:  You can also learn more about Miss Elizabeth on her Facebook group, "Miss Elizabeth's Adventures" here:

On a side note...Memorabilia collectors in California may want to check out Sports and Movie Stuff, the store that Scott runs with his father in Simi Valley. Who knows, you may even be able to pick up one of those replica leg lamps! 

Scott is also on twitter: @scottakaflick

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