Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sassy and Classy

As a child I would watch Hercules all the time, whether it be the original Disney movie or the animated series. The character I looked up to most from that movie would have to be Megara, voiced by Susan Egan. I believe she resonated so much with me because of how independent she is, her sense of humor and the sheer sassiness that she brings to this character. Being that I was a kid with a similar sense of humor, that most of my peers didn't understand. I really feel that I could relate to this character of hers. Then as I got older I was able to appreciate Susan's other projects. Including the DCOM, "Gotta Kick It Up" and her work on the live stage playing another beloved Disney Princess, Belle. Today the younger generation can enjoy her latest work in Cartoon Network's "Steven Universe" as Rose Quartz. 

Not only is Susan an incredible actress but she is an amazing singer too. Her in concert performances incorporate not only her amazing voice but also her storytelling skills as she paints a vivid portrait with music and her unique anecdotes, as evidenced in videos on her website. She recently came out with her newest album "Susan Egan Softly". Which can best be described as an acoustic show tune experience. Susan is also instrumental in the teaching of up and coming actors through her musical theatre Master Classes. She has now combined both of these experiences into one incredible opportunity with her new program "On Stage with Susan". In this program you are first taken into a rehearsal setting and the outcome is a concert performance showcasing all their hard work. I have to say as someone who has a very special place in their heart for musical theatre participating in this class would be a Complete Dream Come True. Susan Egan is one of my acting role models and now I am honored to say this very classy performer is also one of my followers!

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